The Relationship Paper Template


What This Is

An easy-to-follow template that guides you through the process of creating a customized and creative research paper about your significant other. 

Your partner is unique: why shouldn’t you share your love for them in a manner as distinctive as they are? Undoubtedly, your partner has received the typical gifts signifying adoration such as personal letters, heartwarming texts, and maybe your run-of-the-mill flowers and chocolate. But if you really want to leave your partner feeling special, create a project that you extensively customize to show off their best qualities. Our Relationship Paper template is your one stop solution to surprising your partner with a clean, personalized, and professional document that contains all the information you've gathered about them.

Here is my complete how-to guide on creating your own Relationship Paper for the next anniversary or special occasion! (Or the next time you need to get yourself out of the doghouse.) 

Resources Included

  1. Downloadable template via Overleaf Zip File. (Importable on
  2. Link to Canva template with four duplicatable templates
  3. Full 9 pages of the finished PDF
  4. Instruction manual for exporting and utilizing Overleaf and Canva templates

Help and References

We include instructions on importing the Overleaf file on, and we also clue you in on the best methods to get started. Email us at and we'd be happy to support you the best way we can.

More Info 

Read this article on how I personally created and executed a Relationship Paper and reveal for my girlfriend, as well as some tips and tricks I picked up throughout the process. 

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You'll get an Overleaf zip file for import into (a simple tool to create your own research paper), link to a Canva template to create your own figures, and a detailed instruction manual for how you can use the Overleaf file to create your own template

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The Relationship Paper Template

I want this!