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Relationship Journal Google Docs Template


What This Is

A clean, beautiful Google Docs template that helps you document your journey with your partner and develop an even stronger relationship.

  • Your own custom relationship journal
  • Easy-to-navigate Google Docs with footer and sidebar
  • Document your discussions and upcoming plans
  • Maintain principles and protocols that guide you
  • Write down your travel wishlists
  • Create your own photo albums
  • Set goals and hold each other accountable to them
  • Track important dates and milestones in your lives

Would you like to bring more mindfulness and intention to your relationship? There are so many ways we can hold each other accountable to the values of a partnership, but how often do we do that with a good amount of intention or even organization? In this age of information influx, it can be difficult to hold space for important, intangible things.

Our Relationship Journal template will guide you in how to maintain such a goal. Through bond-strengthening collaboration, you will work together and create a customized journal that serves as a living record of your love story. 

Use this space to keep track of important events or discussions, determine the values or priorities of the partnership, and even maintain accountability for each other in whatever ways you so choose. This template is adaptable to your needs with enough structure to keep you committed to the process. 

Can you imagine looking back through your Relationship Journal a year from now? Maybe even ten years from now? It is such a beautiful way to deepen your relationship and develop your legacy.  

Read the full article on why you should keep a relationship journal here:

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Instructions After Purchase

  1. Open the Google Docs link after purchase
  2. Sign-in to your Google Account
  3. Hit File > Make a copy
  4. Confirm and you're good to start!
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A link to the Google Docs template that let's you duplicate and create your own Relationship Journal

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Relationship Journal Google Docs Template

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