Notion Date Nights 6-in-1 Bundle - Notion Template

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This bundle contains...

What This Is

Dive into a curated bundle of Notion templates, meticulously designed to spark conversations, reminiscence, and deepen connections. Whether it's about your favorite foods, cherished childhood memories, or beloved songs, these templates are your gateway to meaningful couple moments.

What You Can Do

  • Reminisce about the flavors that shaped your memories with Foodie Favorites.
  • Walk down memory lane with tales from your younger years in Childhood Memories.
  • Dive deep into the 'what could have been' scenarios with Our What Ifs.
  • Revel in your secret indulgences and fun moments through Guilty Pleasures.
  • Laugh, cringe, or cherish your teenage adventures with Embracing Our Teenage Past.
  • Groove and serenade to tunes that define 'us' with Our Music.

Why This Is Important

Every shared memory or dream strengthens the bond between couples. Through revisiting past experiences, discussing hypotheticals, and sharing secret indulgences, couples can rediscover facets of each other, fostering mutual appreciation and deepening intimacy.

What We Help You With

Our bundle doesn’t just provide templates; it initiates meaningful dialogues. By offering a structured yet flexible framework, we facilitate heart-to-heart conversations, unlocking memories and shared dreams, ultimately fortifying your partnership.

What Is Included

  • Foodie Favorites: Celebrate your shared love for cuisine.
  • Childhood Memories: Relive and discover stories from both your pasts.
  • Our What Ifs: Explore a myriad of hypothetical scenarios to understand each other better.
  • Guilty Pleasures: Unveil and delight in those secret joys both of you cherish.
  • Embracing Our Teenage Past: Reflect on your adolescent years, the highs and the lows.
  • Our Music: Dive into melodies and rhythms that narrate your love story.

All these templates are housed in a sleek, user-friendly dashboard, ensuring easy access and navigation for an immersive experience.

After purchasing, seamlessly duplicate the template to your Notion workspace and immerse yourselves in the rhythm of your love.

Help and References

MD Meets Techie is committed to your success and satisfaction. Along with the Notion Date Nights template, we provide helpful resources and references to support you in your relationship journey. If you have any questions or need assistance using the template, please please please feel free to email us at and we'll be happy to help in any manner. If you do not like our product we'll be more than happy to issue a refund within 7 days.

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$41.94 $14.99

Notion Date Nights 6-in-1 Bundle - Notion Template

0 ratings
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