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Couple's Financial Planner Google Sheets Template

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What This Is

A simple and organized Google Sheets template that lets any couple input their current earning and spending budgets and forecast their future earning potential and net worth. This sheet will take you through a step-by-step process of planning important future decisions such as having kids or buying a house or taking a break to travel the world!

Can I see it before buying

Yes - you can see a full explainer video of the product here!

What You Can Do

  • Forecast your individual or combined net worth at any year based on your current incomes and expenses
  • Account for how your incomes may change in future due to life events such as switching to a lower paying job or going on unpaid leave
  • Account for how your expenses may changes in future due to moving in together or moving to a higher cost of living city
  • Plan when to have kids and where to raise them so as to accommodate your quality of life
  • Time when to buy a house and move out of your rental accounting for down payments and mortgages
  • Make plans for taking a year off and traveling the world
  • Set aside funds for parental and elderly care
  • Model and estimate your future earning and expenses accounting for factors such as inflation rates, savings rate, lifestyle inflation, and standard annual income hikes.
  • Plan when to retire and have those future conversations with your partner

Why This Is Important

When living our busy lives as a couple we focus on our short-term future ("Getting that higher paying job", "moving into that lavish apartment", etc.) without thinking through how major life events can drastically change the course of our financial future. For example, over 80% of couples in the US do not think about how having a kid can drastically alter their finances. They end up having to prolong their careers and retire late to account for the unplanned costs incurred. This can easily be avoided by planning these important life events early and putting aside funds to meet expenses or compromising on a few of these life events to optimize for an earlier retirement.

What We Help You With

This sheet helps you create your very own personal financial model with your partner. It will guide you through a very simple, step-by-step process to forecast your future net worth based on you and your partner's current income, expenses, investments and future earning potential. The sheet offers limitless flexibility and is able to account for situations such as changing salaries, moving in together, etc while forecasting your future income and expenses. It then allows you to insert all future plans to their respective year of occurrence and creates a financial model for you that shows you your net worth at your age of retirement. It also tells you how long your savings will last based on your expenses at the year of retirement. YES! A lot of important decisions can be made using this sheet and we strongly believe it will change your financial outlook on life.

What Is Included

  • A link to the Google Sheets Template that can be duplicated
  • An explainer video that walks you through how to fill the sheet (

Help and References

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A link to the Google Sheet that you can duplicate to create your own financial model for your relationship

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Couple's Financial Planner Google Sheets Template

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